Resources to help leaders discover and articulate their team’s purpose; and bring their purpose to life.

If you are a leader looking to make your team more purpose-driven, you’ve come to the right place.

As a brand purpose consultant I’ve helped individuals, teams, and brands uncover their purpose and design purpose-led strategies for the past decade. With this website, my intent is to share all I’ve learned along the way with leaders like you so you can build purpose-driven teams and enterprises to make a lasting impact.

What is Built On Purpose?
Built On Purpose is a curated compilation of resources - research, reports, articles, and talks - from business thought leaders around the world to help you and your team become truly purpose-driven.

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Three Steps To Greatness

Three steps are required to become propose-driven: have a deep understanding of what purpose is and what the process is, (re)discovering the purpose, and putting it in action.

Accordingly, I’ve divided the resources for becoming purpose-driven into three sections. Here they are.


This is Purpose 101. This section serves to provide a comprehensive overview of what purpose is and is not, why purpose matters, and a high level view of the journey to become purpose-driven.


Why are you here?

The purpose journey begins with bringing clarity to the shared purpose of your team. Here you will find books, courses, and case studies on uncovering your purpose and putting it into words.

Putting it in Action

Having a clear and inspiring purpose is only the beginning. The next feat is igniting a movement with your team and your customers with purpose as the center. The section contains resources on how to connect your employees to the purpose and how to engage and inspire your customers.


Justin Lee

This website is made by Justin Lee, a brand purpose consultant, workshop designer, and presentation producer.

Justin has been helping brands, companies, and teams clarify their purpose and develop purpose-driven strategies for the past decade.

He has worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers developing marketing strategies for companies around the world and in industries including automobile, aviation, consumer goods, startups, and digital contents. Previously he worked as a baker in Paris and Tokyo. He collects recipe books and currently lives in Tokyo and Los Angeles. 


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