Tips on how to find purpose from the successful condiment startup - Sir Kensington’s

Sir Kensington’s is a premium condiment startup from New York that makes delicious ketchups, mustard, and mayonnaise. In an article in Fast Company, they share “the three questions they believe every enterprising individual or business should ask themselves and their teams before they grow too large.”

  • Question 1: What makes your offering different than your competitors?
  • Question 2: What about yourself or your business would you never change?
  • Question 3: Write the 2026 Wall Street Journal article about your company’s success. What does it look like?

The third question is a good one. Discussing what success means to everyone on the team is absolutely critical as, most of the time, everyone has a different picture of success.

This question actually makes a great and fun workshop exercise to define success for your team or company.

  • Prepare some markers and large sheets of paper, and have your team members imagine and create the front page of 2026 Wall Street Journal.
  • What would the headline of the article about your success be?
  • What would be in the article?

This should put some squirts of fun to a serious and meaningful discussion.

Here’s the website for Sir Kensington’s in case you’d like to learn more about them. They also have a post on Medium about their beliefs and purpose. I highly recommend it; it’s an inspiring read.

Lastly, the link to their article on Fast Company.