REPORT: Connecting People and Purpose: 7 Ways High-trust Organizations Retain Talent

Findings from the 2016 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For research:

These findings tell us that feeling connected to a sense of purpose and meaning—and also to the idea that they personally make a difference at the company—are distinguishing reasons why employees at the nation’s best workplaces say they plan to stay at their organization.

The report goes over seven strategies to connect employees to purpose. The first strategy is defining your company’s purpose and connecting people to it:

Therefore, it’s critical that leaders and managers clearly define the overarching purpose of the company in the world, and just as importantly, connect each employee to their specific role in driving it forward through their work. This way, no matter where a person sits in the organization, they know that their actions play a role in the broader fate of the company, and ultimately, in the world at large.

You can find the report over at this link at Great Place to Work .