Wilson’s Purpose

Link: How Purpose Driven Brands are Using their Products to Express Their Purpose | Inc.com

Adam Fridman writing for Inc.:

But usually, for the most successful brands - ones that connect authentically with customers around purpose - there is something more, some deeper need that they are filling through the products they make, and how they make them.

The article features a short case study of the sport equipment company Wilson.

It says sporting goods manufacturers aren't just making game equipment, they're in the business of making memories. After all, sports are something that families share. We tell stories about the bat, the racket, the ball we used in the big game. Bats and other equipment become collectibles passed down through the generations. Stories become legends and lessons that are handed down from mothers and fathers to sons and daughters, from coaches to players, from today's pro to tomorrow's players just coming up.

Kyle Schlegel, Wilson's Global Marketing Director adds:

At Louisville Slugger and at Wilson, we are inspired by the stories of athletes and everyone who comes in contact with our brands. This inspiration fuels everything we do, from how we manufacture product, the professional athletes that we partner with and the way we tell our stories. In the end, we are all athletes at heart as well, and find our calling in making players great and helping them transform how they play the game.

And on how to find your purpose:

That deeper need that your customers share and that you can fulfill is where your purpose lies. In other words, it's not about what you make, it's about why you make it in the first place.