Airbnb’s Purpose

Link: CMO Momentum 2017: Airbnb reveals how to build a purpose-led superbrand - CMO Australia

Some wonderful stuff in this article. Here’s how their core values evolved. Notice the number of core values. It follows a trend of the lesser the more it can be remembered:

At the time of launching Airbnb, the founders came up with six core values that lasted for the first couple of years, she said. Just recently, these were toned down to four. The first is to ‘champion the mission.’

The other three mentioned are:

  • Be a host.
  • Be a serial entrepreneur.
  • Embrace the adventure.

On the role of employee in brand engagement:

Brands looking to become customer-led organisations need a clear purpose, Hassell said. And it all starts with employees.

About their purpose:

“At Airbnb, we have a clear and simple purpose: Creating a world where anyone can ‘belong, anywhere’. It is quite staggering when you actually unpack that a little bit, in terms of the level of that ambition, especially given today’s climate,” she said.

And on the importance of purpose:

“Purpose should unify actions when things are going well, but it should also unify actions when things are getting in the way or blocking your mission,” Hassell added.

Am insightful read. Highly recommended.