Airbnb’s original pitch deck + free book on presentations

I recently did some research about Airbnb for my bi-weekly newsletter. One of the things I found was their original pitch deck.

In the very beginning, their name was AirBed&Breakfast with the tagline - book rooms with locals rather than hotels. The interesting part was that from the very beginning, this company was not about just making money. In their “solution” slide, they mention that Airbnb was a web platform to help users save money, make money, and share culture.

The presentation slides are simple and clean. You can take a look here.

A free eBook on creating captivating presentations

On the subject of presentations, I recently put together a short and fun book on creating presentations. The book is called Magical Presentations: What Disney Movies Teach Us About Creating Captivating Presentations.

If you are a presentation Jedi in training and a fan of Disney and Pixar movies, this fun little ebook is made for you.

With references to tons of Disney and Pixar movies, this little ebook introduces you to a simple framework inspired by Disney storytellers that helps you create an engaging presentation your audience cares about.

You’ll learn:

  • The very first thing you should do to craft a successful presentation.
  • How to surface the key ideas and elements.
  • How to lay a solid foundation for your presentation.
  • How to get clarity on the context of your presentation.
  • The five key questions to help you understand your audience, what their needs are, and how your presentation helps them.

It’s completely free for a limited time, if you’d to improve your presentations and if you like Disney movies, be sure to grab a copy here.