First Thing

for iphone

Start your day inspired.


What is First Thing for iPhone?

Open the app every morning to get a selection of inspirational quotes to start your day with purpose.


Who is this app for?

If you’d like to deliberately start your day energized with a sense of purpose, First Thing is made for you. 

Instead of email and news, open the First Thing app every morning for a different selection of inspirational quotes to begin your day.


Words of the great and wise, thoughtfully curated

The app features inspirational quotes from the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Bruce Lee, Oprah, and Nelson Mandela. The quotes are curated around three big themes - inspiring action, being resilient, and ways to live.


Simple and Clean Design

This app is all about celebrating the wise words of great men and women, which is why the design is kept as simple and clean as possible to spotlight the quotes.


Apple Watch App

(Coming Soon)

If you prefer seeing the quotes on your Apple Watch, you’re covered. Just like the iPhone app, open the app on your watch everyday to get a selection of purposeful quotes.


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